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A Realtor is not a sales person. They're a matchmaker. They introduce people to homes, until they fall in love with one.

What do we do as a real estate agent?


Acts as the middleman, or broker that suits a client's needs and buy or sell it at the best price possible with the most favourable terms.


It is a key part of our work, as we act as the intermediary between buyer and seller and will often negotiate on our client's behalf.


We know about our local laws on the buying and selling of property. We know trends within the local property market as well.


We attend industry conferences and seminars to stay up to date with current trends also keep up our contacts and network.


We will need to attend meetings with our clients. This may include during the day and night as well as weekends to meet client needs.

Dear Value Customers

A Good Real Estate Agent will not only tell you what you want to hear, but also what you need to hear.