Huawei smartphones.

Huawei smartphones.

How to install Google Play on Huawei smartphones? There is an answer to this question. The largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer, the main competitor to Samsung in the struggle for leadership. Who knew that she would be deprived of Google services? After falling victim to the trade war between the United States and China, she created Harmony OS (operating system) and the AppGallery app store. It is a member of the Alliance of Chinese Manufacturers, and offers low tax on the AppGallery store. Huawei has always been distinguished by the attractive cost of its products and their high quality.

TOP 5 smartphones I dream about.

As good as your smartphone is, sooner or later you will still look to the left. Phones become obsolete in terms of technical characteristics, they stop receiving updates, trends in form factor, case materials and so on change over time. And given the fact that a lot of really interesting devices have appeared on the market lately, choosing one phone seems like a stupid idea. Today I would like to talk about those gadgets that I really want to try in practice, but they can hardly completely replace my main device.

I already want this Huawei watch. They measure blood pressure and body fat.

If you ask me for help with choosing between a smartwatch and a fitness bracelet, I will definitely vote for a fitness bracelet. In most cases, they are cheaper, more functional, and simply more convenient. Because up to 5 thousand rubles, you will not find a single smart watch that would measure the level of oxygen in the blood and allow you to pay for purchases in a contactless way. And among fitness bracelets there are just a dime a dozen of them. But there are exceptions to any rule, and it seems that Huawei is preparing to present such an exception.

Important update of Google Play and the possibility of Huawei’s withdrawal from sanctions: results of the week.

The past week did not spoil us with a lot of interesting news. There were no high-profile presentations, no scandals, or even more or less serious leaks, except for almost one hundred percent information that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will receive

Huawei Nova 9 review: continuation of the famous line.

At one time, I was very fond of Huawei phones. This love has not gone anywhere, but for a long time our paths with them, for obvious reasons, diverged. Now we are together again. At this point, it would be possible to make a Happy End and finish the story, but we are not here for this, but in order to share our opinion about the new phone, which turned out to be my first Huawei in the last few months. A couple of weeks ago, I had a new Huawei Nova 9 in my hands, presented first in China, and then in Russia, and proved to be a worthy successor of the line, which I first met at the second generation level. The smartphone left Brand New Alcatel One Touch 4 G Mobile Wi Fi Hotspot-manual | PDF | Ip Address | Telecommunications mixed feelings, which is good. Worse when vice versa. In this article, I’ll tell you what I think about the new product and how I spent these two weeks with it.

Huawei has figured out how to daringly bypass US sanctions. To do this, she must “die”

Huawei’s experience has shown that living and developing under US sanctions is not just difficult, but almost impossible. Sales of branded smartphones of the company sagged, telecommunications equipment remained almost without demand, and the brand itself is no longer spoken of with the same admiration, expecting that it will sink into oblivion from day to day. However, Huawei itself clearly does not share the hopes of haters and former fans, hoping to keep on doing well. To do this, the company even came up with a clever way to get around US sanctions.

It seemed that there was nowhere further, but the USA is even bigger

It is often necessary to start articles about Huawei with the words that the company is under sanctions. Not everyone knows this, but she is forbidden a lot in the production of phones. At one time there were some indulgences and the company could get a chance to stay afloat. Together with her desire to break out of a difficult situation, this led to the emergence of a new operating system (almost), new phones and even an active movement towards the automotive industry. But it seems that now things have become much worse, and the Chinese company finally loses the chances of a successful continuation of activities. It will not close at all, but it may finally reorient itself to the domestic Chinese market. That’s why.

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