The cheapest goods from China.

The cheapest goods from China.

To date, more than 90 different positions have been brought to me from China, from stickers on nails to tablets. And I will not always tell you the purchases were successful. We will not discuss the hackneyed topic, Chinese quality, I will only say that you can always minimize this bad probability. First you need to decide on good suppliers / sellers with whom you can be sure of the correct description of the offered product. Unfortunately, you will not find such exact lists, since there are thousands of sellers, and buyers order everything from famous Chinese teas to cars. Of course, most of them will order popular goods: phones, computers, decor, and some of them will order light bulbs for the car. But the most popular ones can be reviewed on the Internet on blogs or specialized sites. Feel free to go deeper:

The cheapest goods from China.

For an example of a specialized site, I can offer MYSKU – an overview of goods from online stores. Every day, dozens of new products and promotions appear on this site, where you can read reviews and reviews of real buyers, as well as find similar offers and a link to the online store where the author of this article bought.

Knowing this in the beginning, I would not order untested LED bulbs, weak chargers, Chinese Samsung Galaxy S4, Shellac and much more. By the way, I will publish an article about Shellac in which I will talk about the other side of the coin, but more on that next time.

It so happens that a NEW, POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, STYLISH phone comes out, and you want it! I advise you to take a look at the TUGEZO website (Better Together / Cheaper Together). In a nutshell:

The plant delivers a large batch of goods to the store, and the store sells it off at a reduced price as soon as possible. For example, the first batch of new mobile phones to attract buyers. So on TUGEZO you are offered mobile phones and other electronics from similar supplies.

Tugezo – Better together.

I repeat that this is not for the patient, those who wait are likely to buy the same mobile phone even cheaper. I do not exclude that some sellers on the same Aliexpress will offer you even cheaper, but where is the guarantee that the product will not be a disappointment for you, due to incomplete complete set, marriage or fake.

The cheapest goods from China are only those that are sold by verified sellers for promotions and discounts. And also personal advice from me. 🙂 Decided to buy a product, add it to the cart and complete the purchase, but do not pay, when checking out in the comments

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